Issa Properties

Issa Properties mission is to provide you with all your housing needs, so that you can focus on your needs.

About Issa Properties

Issa Properties is a management company founded on the premise that bigger is not necessarily better. We have purposely remained small in order to service our select clientele, yet our diverse and unique properties provide for a large selection.

Issa Properties is a family-owned business that wants your residential experience in Ann Arbor to be comfortable, secure, and home-like. We strive to provide quality attention and care. One-on-one communication is our first priority, and we take great pride in our residential properties and the service we provide to our tenants.

The Issa Properties family looks forward to you making the choice… The choice to extend us the opportunity to assist you with your campus housing needs. When pursuing higher education, your focus should be your academic endeavors. We at Issa Properties will make it our goal to meet your housing needs, so that you can focus on your goals!

The choice is yours!

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